Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just the facts, bees!

I'm thinking you probably don't know how IMPORTANT bees really are. I mean, we all know how cute they are~ all fuzzy & flighty, but they're seriously important. No less than 70% of the food we eat is dependent on being pollinated by bees. Food crops such as almonds, apples, avocados, blueberries, cantaloupes, cherries, cranberries, cucumbers, sunflowers, & watermelons (to name a few in awesome alphabetical order) all rely on pollination by honey bees. 1/3 of our food supply relies on their very polite pollination services, essential for the reproduction of the plants. Happy bees, happy plants, happy people :)

So here's the sad bee state of affairs: bee populations around the globe are on the great decline. It's information like this that can put a girl in a great depression. With gross & neglectful things like intensive farming & urban sprawl & disease, the honey bee’s vital role is under great threat. There's a serious need for bees! 

Because of our ECOSYSTEM, we all should know that without bees, life just won't be as sweet! Bees are super huge deals in our ecosystem. (Did I mention they're responsible for most of our food crop reproduction?) Remove one element of the ecosystem, & the system has to make huge, not great, adjustments with all these connections & actions & interactions that take place within them. Without bees, Earth's ecosystem is just a BIG, HOT MESS! 

We need bees! If honey bees disappear, we can't find replacements that can do all the busy bee work they do. All that yummy delicious food we take for granted will always be there for the “picking” (literally) will decrease in supply & increase in price~ emptiness in our tummies & our pockets. Sad for you, me, & the bee. In an ecosystem, every single thing is important. A dwindling honey bee population directly affects being able to provide food for our families. 

Oh, yea ... & did I mention all that super delicious honey! bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

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